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No Brothers is a group of staffing agencies with each its own specialty, there is something for everyone! The labels under No Brothers are: Active, Beterwerk, De Vrienden van Beton, Flex Service Groep, Singel, and Young & Ambitious.

The labels of No Brothers are unique players and specialists in their fields. The common factor is the very personal approach and proactive attitude. The unity between the organisations also offers flexibility in job placement, so we can provide you with a role that suits you best! From a part time job to a leadership role and from a steel fixer to a financial professional.

More than just a staffing agency

No Brothers is more than just a staffing agency. We aim to establish long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates. We do this with a team of specialised and experienced consultants. Personalised approach is highly valued; we attach great importance to face-to-face contact with our clients and candidates. This way, we can better understand the needs and provide better advice to both client and candidate. Read more about our approach.


When you start working through No Brothers, it's possible to follow certain courses and obtain certificates that are necessary for your position. Think of a forklift certificate or a VCA. Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact us!


In addition to having a variety of jobs, we offer housing for migrant workers from Poland, Romania and Spain, amongst others. No Brothers has homes in several towns and cities in the Netherlands, so there is always a home close to the workplace. Want to know more about this? Click on the links below:

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No Brothers

No Brothers family

Despite the fact that No Brothers consists of different labels spread over several locations, we are one big family. We meet regularly to brainstorm and share experiences. Our goal is to help you find the most suitable job and we guide you through that process.

The best jobs

A permanent job or short-term project, we always have the best job for you!

Always near you

No Brothers has jobs all over the country, in your area as well.


We will look for the job that suits you and your wishes best!

Click on one of the labels below for more information

Active in Nijkerk delivers customization with personal attention. Anyone who enters the Active office leaves with a job. That's the goal. Whether it concerns office functions or production jobs. With a no-nonsense attitude, Active always finds the perfect match between client and candidate.

Young & Ambitious is there for young professionals and helps them with a flying start of their career. The Young & Ambitious consultants go for a personal approach that goes beyond finding a good resume with relevant work experience.

'De Vrienden van Beton' is the specialist in the field of recruitment in the concrete industry and knows the market like no other. From the inside and the outside. De Vrienden van Beton loves his whims and dynamism and is hard as concrete for the industry.

Flex Service Group, the specialist in the field of job placement for European temporary workers. Flex Service Group provides full-services: not only work, but also accommodation, transport and guidance during the relocation. Reliable, personal and in your own language!

Beterwerk, the employment agency of the Maas & Waal region. Active in this beautiful region since 2008 with a loyal customer base and beautiful projects. Despite the Maas & Waal roots, we also like to look beyond the borders of this area and we have great jobs at various national projects.

Singel is the agency for the construction, carpentry, furniture, painting and maintenance industry. Singel creates value for (professional) people by helping them find a suitable job. But also develop the labor market position with appropriate advice, courses and training.

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Head office
Geograaf 30
6921 EW Duiven



Opening hours

Monday  :  08:30–17:30
Tuesday  :  08:30–17:30
Wednesday  : 08:30–17:30
Thursday  : 08:30–17:30
Friday  : 08:30–17:30
Saturday  : Closed
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Our people

Dick van Welij (1)

Dick van Welij (1)

Job Fleet-Warehouse Manager
Sam Schuiling (1)

Sam Schuiling (1)

Job Accountmanager
Phone number 06 11672094
Linsey de Jong (2)

Linsey de Jong (2)

Job Junior Consultant
Phone number 06 16959618