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We would like to introduce ourselves!

We are De Vrienden van Beton, one of the specialist labels within the No Brothers group. We are specialised in the field of personnel mediation in the concrete industry. We know the market inside out. In the good times, but also in the challenging more difficult times. We love his whims and dynamism. We are committed to the industry, as hard as concrete.

More than just an employment agency

De Vrienden van Beton (formerly Vakaturebank) is more than just an employment agency. We strive for long-term relationships with both our candidates and clients. We do this with a team of specialised and experienced consultants. Many of them have worked in the concrete industry themselves and therefore speak the language of the workspace. They understand what our customers make, what they strive for and what they are looking for in an employee. Just as we understand where to find suitable candidates, what qualities they must have and what we must offer them.

We are always there for you

We are a partner in personnel mediation, your friend of concrete. For both candidates and clients, we are always ready to help, advise or to think along in solutions to achieve the maximum result. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the market. We have seen the market shrink and now we're seeing it grow again, a great development to which we are happy to contribute. 'De Vrienden van Beton'  stands for connection, no-nonsense, innovation and creation.

Personalised approach

A personal approach is of paramount importance to us. For example, we attach great importance to face-to-face contact with our clients and candidates; personal contact is so much more powerful than communication via text message. To get in touch, we naturally go along with the trends. For example, we organise speed dates for our customers in collaboration with the UWV and we guide employees through our training programs.

Become a Vriend van Beton!

Are you looking for employees who want to work in the concrete industry or are you looking for a job in the concrete industry? Let us know and become a friend of concrete! We are De Vrienden van Beton, and together we ensure growth!

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De vrienden van beton

Become a Vriend van Beton!

We from De Vrienden van Beton and friends are always there for you! Looking for work in the concrete industry? Let us help you! Our pragmatic approach stands for:

The best jobs

Whether you are looking for a steady job or a short project, we always have the best jobs for you!

In your neighbourhood

De Vrienden van Beton have assignments throughout the country, therefore also in your neighbourhood!

Job guarantee

For certainty of work in the concrete industry, you have come to the right place at De Vrienden van Beton.

De Vrienden van Beton | Dé specialist op het gebied van personeelsbemiddeling in de betonbranche.

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Geograaf 30
6921 EW Duiven

026 3274715

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Monday : 08:30–17:30 
Tuesday : 08:30–17:30 
Wednesday : 08:30–17:30 
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Friday : 08:30–17:30 
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed

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De Vrienden van Beton

Linsey de Jong

Linsey de Jong

Job Junior Consultant
Phone number 06 15478757
Linsey de Jong (1) (1)

Linsey de Jong (1) (1)

Job Junior Consultant
Phone number 06 10012905
Linsey de Jong (2)

Linsey de Jong (2)

Job Junior Consultant
Phone number 06 16959618