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No Brothers consists of six employment agencies with each their own expertise. We are situated throughout the Netherlands and work closely together. As a result the No Brothers employment agencies offer national coverage without compromising on personal service. Your work = our work! Whether your organisation is looking for talented starters, experienced office employees, specialised concrete workers or a hardworking force from our pool of European employees. At No Brothers you will definitely find what you're looking for.

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Employment agencies can no longer be ignored in the business world. Many companies find their way to valuable talent through one of the many providers within the industry. The employees of No Brothers always go the extra mile, have a lot of care and attention for our customers and understand their needs. Where the first No Brothers employment agencies were mainly aimed at the market of students and office personnel, the working areas are now much more versatile. In addition to the target group of young professionals and office staff in the Randstad, the other No Brothers labels mainly focus on the technical branches. This includes specialisations in assembly construction, the metal and concrete industry. Why do we call ourselves specialists? Because our employees often come from our target groups themselves. We have young talents who work for us as a consultant to help other starters find a new challenging job, but we also have consultants who have years of experience in the concrete and construction world. Our employees speak the language of your people, literally and figuratively! As a result, we often find the connection easily and we know how to strike the right chord with both client and candidate.

We go abroad!

The market is constantly changing, the economy is growing steadily and the demand for good personnel continues to rise while the supply continues to shrink. Although the No Brothers labels can still offer qualified employees, we are constantly exploring other options. In addition to offering training in collaboration with our partners, we look beyond our own borders. Literally; because through our label Flex Service Group we have the opportunity to recruit experienced and qualified workers from other European countries. The demand for qualified European workers is growing at all No Brothers labels, Flex Service Group offers support in this regard. We do this with the same expertise and personal service with which we do this for our Dutch candidates.

Our multilingual colleagues work at the Flex Service Group office, making them the ideal link between our labels, customers and candidates. They find the right European workforce for you and take care of the process from A to Z. This means that they arrange transfer, accommodation and administrative matters. Before, during and after the working period at your company!

Are you curious about the personnel options that No Brothers can offer your company? Contact us or submit a vacancy directly.


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