No Brothers stands for broad and dynamic services. We support your company during your search for talent within your field of expertise in the broadest sense of the word. Look at our different services, find what your company is looking for and we'll be here for you!

Employment agency

The labels of No Brothers possess of expertise in different branches and have a broad network of candidates. Are you looking for temporary workers for the flexibel part of your company? Then we will find you the right match. We possess over a big and versatile pool of candidates. That's why we can deliver quickly and focused. The temporary workers will be on our payroll and we'll perform all the administrative activities which are involved.

Recruitment and selection

Are you looking for the perfect match? Than we can find you the right candidate with a unique skillset for this particular position within your company. Because a lot of expertise is necessary to find the right person for the right place, we strive for close cooperation with our partners. In addition to the job description, we would like to get an idea of the working environment in which the candidate will end up. We use a 'no cure, no pay' approach for our Recruitment & Selection services. Once again we stand for transparency, reliability and personal attention.

Full service for migrant workers

Within the customer base of the No Brothers group, the demand for qualified and experienced European workers is growing. Our Flex Service Group label supports its sister organisations in offering a full service in the field of labor migrant mediation. Our multilingual employees of Flex Service Group will look for suitable and trained employees from Poland and Romania, among others. They are also expanding their working area to other interesting European countries such as Spain. Not only do they ensure the right match, but they also unburden you in mediation from A to Z. Our employees speak different languages, which means that they are able to ensure that the contact between client and candidate runs smoothly. They support you in arranging transfers to the Netherlands, neat accommodation and administrative matters such as applying for a BSN number and health insurance. Before, during and after the working period at your company.


Motivated forces, no risks! That's what it's all about when it comes to secondment. Does your company need motivated and skilled personnel for a longer period, but it is still unclear whether this need is structural? Then secondment via No Brothers is the solution. We offer employees the security of a contract, without your company bearing the financial risks. We hire the candidate, but you reap the benefits of his or her expertise. An attractive way to get promising talent on board within your organization.


Transparent, reliable, and fast; those are the keywords of our payroll service. We take over the payment of your employees and are there for them as a point of contact. No Brothers stands for personality, also in our payroll system. Our back-office employees are happy to come to your organisation to set up the payroll system according to your wishes. Payment can be made every 4 weeks or every week, it's up to you. We understand better than anyone else that transparency and payment security are of great importance for the satisfaction of your employees. That is why we are flexible and can pay out at any day, any time. Transparent, reliable, and fast.


The economy is growing steadily and so is the demand for motivated and certified personnel. The job market is shrinking, the demand is greater than the supply, and therefore it is important to think 'out of the box'. At No Brothers, we are constantly working on new ways to expand our talent pool.

Our motto is: 'Together we ensure growth!'. That is why we work together with our clients, the UWV, and training institutes to set up apprenticeships and retraining programs. Curious about the possibilities we can create together with your company in terms of education? Let us know; together we ensure growth!

Want to know more about our services?

If you would like to learn more about our services and the possibilities for your company, please feel free to contact us and we will come to you to see how we can assist you!