Anti-discrimination policy

The employees of NoBrothers B.V. work daily to help job seekers find employment. We strive for a labor market in which everyone, without exception, can participate and therefore are against any possible form of discrimination. In our view, discrimination occurs when people are given unequal opportunities based on their origin, gender, age, sexual preference, distance to the labor market, health, disability, or religious belief. During recruitment and selection, job seekers are treated equally by being assessed on criteria that are related to the job.

Anti-discrimination statement

  • NoBrothers B.V. rejects any form of discrimination
  • NoBrothers B.V. does not comply with discriminatory requests from clients, unless selecting on certain criteria is not in violation of any anti-discrimination legislation or when selecting on certain criteria serves a legitimate purpose in exceptional cases (e.g. safety).
  • NoBrothers B.V. does not tolerate discrimination of temp workers, own employees, and other individuals involved in our services by third parties, even when they are working under the direction and supervision of a hirer.

Implementation of our anti-discrimination policy

To prevent discrimination, it is important that our internal employees are well aware of what is and is not allowed in the recruitment and selection of employees. NoBrothers B.V. regularly brings the topic of discrimination and the rules related to it to the attention of its employees, so that they are well informed and remain alert. All employees must also feel supported in not cooperating with discriminatory requests from clients. Creating a safe working environment in which everyone treats each other with respect, there is room for discussion, and unwanted behavior (in any form) is prevented and addressed, is the foundation of this approach.

Measures that ensure that NoBrothers B.V. employees can detect and prevent discrimination include, among others:

  • The anti-discrimination policy is part of the onboarding process for new colleagues
  • The policy is accessible for everyone (employees, temporary workers, clients and third parties) through our corporate website
  • Employees of NoBrothers B.V. are repeatedly instructed on how to recognize discrimination and discriminatory requests
  • Commonly occurring discriminatory requests are clearly visible in the offices
  • (New) information on this topic and tips for preventing discrimination are regularly shared during management and team meetings

By establishing this policy and implementing the measures mentioned, it is not by default guaranteed that discrimination will always be prevented. The policy is therefore regularly evaluated and adjusted where necessary.

Questions and complaints

When an internal employee encounters (suspected) discrimination or a discriminatory request, the employee can contact his/her Team Manager or someone from the management for consultation. Similarly, if the employee wishes to report abuses or misconduct, the employee can contact the Team Manager or the internal confidential advisor.

Temporary employees can report to their contact person within NoBrothers B.V., who will take the matter further.