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Nominate someone for the Golden Christmas Package!

Our current giveaway is a Christmas promotion. We are giving away a golden Christmas package worth €200! For this, you can nominate a person or family who could really use a Christmas package filled to the brim this Christmas. Do you want to make someone's Christmas extra special? Then nominate quickly and who knows, maybe his or her table will be extra full this Christmas.

How does it work?
Do you know someone who could really use a Christmas package filled to the brim? Then you can nominate them using the form below! Just fill in your first and last name and the nominee's contact details and they are already in the running. The deadline is 18 December, so you can nominate someone until 18 December. After the deadline, we will do a draw and the winner will receive an e-mail or a call from us.

Promotion conditions
Do you already know who you want to nominate? A friend, your neighbours or a family? Then stick to these conditions so that they have a chance of winning the Golden Christmas package:

  • When you nominate someone, we must know your first and last name, the first and last name of the nominee and the e-mail address or telephone number of the nominee, otherwise the nominee will not take part in the campaign.
  • You can nominate someone until 18 December, nominations received after that date will not count
  • The package can only be sent to Dutch addresses, so you cannot nominate someone who lives outside the Netherlands
  • You cannot nominate yourself, only someone else - someone who really needs it!
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