Concrete vacancies

Concrete vacancies

Concrete job vacancies are in abundance, as many of the houses and buildings in the Netherlands are made mostly of concrete. Therefore, the concrete industry in the Netherlands is a mature and extensive industry with dozens of large factories spread throughout the country. The concrete industry includes companies that produce and process concrete mortar (a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water resulting in a hard and strong end product) or concrete products and possibly break down the residual concrete. Check out all of our concrete vacancies below. See something you like? Apply today and you might be contributing to the development of the Netherlands faster than you think!

About Concrete vacancies


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Take a look around as you walk down the street. Then you'll really realize how important concrete is for the streetscape in the Netherlands. Buildings, houses, viaducts, bridges, and many more structures in the Dutch streetscape are made (partly) of concrete. Want to know more about Concrete vacancies? Click on the "Show more" link below and read about the work and the different vacancies.

Various Concrete vacancies

For a large part of the open job vacancies in the concrete industry, you don't need experience or have completed specific training programs. Generally, you should enjoy getting things done and not have a 9-to-5 mentality. There are also vacancies for positions such as forklift driver or overhead crane operator where there may be opportunities to follow a training program at the employer's expense.

What kind of work?

There are many different activities that can be distinguished in the concrete industry. For example, there are companies that specialize in making concrete mortar. To make concrete mortar, ground and auxiliary materials are mixed and dosed. There are also companies that focus on the design, crushing, bonding, resin coating, chemical treatment, and mechanical processing of various concrete products. In addition to the production-related activities mentioned above that concrete companies can specialize in, other companies focus on cleaning, transport, and storage activities. For example, motor vehicles must be washed externally, and transport equipment such as truck mixers (in which concrete mortar is transported) must be cleaned internally.

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