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Living in the netherlands

Would you like to live and work in the Netherlands? Then No Brothers is the right place for you! In addition to a nice job, we provide housing. Whether you work in the Netherlands for a short period of time or for a longer period, you can use our living accommodation for the duration of your employment. We explain here what we can offer you in terms of housing if you join our team.


You will end up in a comfortable home in a pleasant neighborhood with various communal facilities. The place of residence is always immediately habitable. Think of an accommodation including a living room with furniture, kitchen, shower, toilet, a parking space and an outdoor area. In addition, WiFi is available. Housing costs are from €95 per person per week.


  • No search for a home in the Netherlands
  • Immediately habitable, upholstered and furnished house
  • Low housing costs
  • Residential location near your work and/or means of transport to the work location
  • Always the guarantee of a job you will enjoy
  • One point of contact from a Consultant who speaks your native language
  • We take care of the business part: contact with the landlord, facilities, rent, contracts, etc.
  • Housemates are (usually) language colleagues and colleagues
  • Our houses have the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF) quality mark; this means that No Brothers meets the standard for housing for labor migrants


Our accommodation takes the travel time to the location where you work into account. We ensure that you can go to work carefree. Transport to work is therefore arranged by us: this can be by car or by bicycle. Your housemates often work for the same company as you (or nearby), which of course makes it extra fun! In many cases you drive to work together with your housemates or colleagues.


You can find our homes at various locations in the Netherlands. They are always located near the work locations. Think of large cities in the Netherlands such as Arnhem, Breda, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Apeldoorn and Doetinchem. But we also have houses in smaller towns such as Didam, Ede, Hengelo and Westervoort. They are always places that are close to a large(r) city, where there is of course plenty to do. Enjoy the beautiful nature in the Netherlands, the busy shopping streets, the impressive museums, the many restaurants, etc. There is never a moment to get bored in your free time!

Working in the Netherlands

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